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Through our environmental policy, we are committed to comply with environmental legislation, continual performance improvements and the prevention of pollution.


Prior to construction, a series of environmental studies were conducted before the final location was selected. The studies ensured the wind turbines would have no adverse effect on the environment and the surrounding area. The project was deemed to be environmentally friendly when the impact on climate and air quality was reviewed and found to be minimal. 
Under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act, Huron Wind underwent a screening process to consider any effects the project would have on the environment. As a recipient of the Canadian Government Wind Power Production Incentive, Huron Wind was also required to submit environmental assessment data to Natural Resources Canada for review. 
Provincial screening was also a requirement for Huron Wind which considers the environmental setting and existing conditions of the site. The Provincial Screening also looks at the forward-looking assessments and considers activities to take place during construction, operation and eventual decommissioning as well as anticipated cumulative effects of those activities.  Download an overview of the Huron Wind Environmental Screening Report. (pdf)


Huron Wind is situated on a 100-acre plot of land that was designated for industrial development. Previously leased to a local farmer, 85 per cent of the land was used for cultivation with the other 15 per cent occupied by woodland. Today, around 95 per cent of the land formally used for farming is still available for agriculture use.
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Since 15 per cent of the land is occupied by woodlands, Huron Wind is home to an array of animals including birds, rabbits and deer. As part of the environmental assessment prior to construction, the wildlife, terrestrial ecology and aquatic environment were all considered.
Special attention was paid to birds and regular studies and reviews were carried out by an ornithologist on bald eagles in particular, a species that roosts in the area in small numbers.
Through these studies and an ongoing monitoring program, we've learned there has been no impact on the birds to date.  


Lake Huron Winds

Huron Wind sits atop a sloping bluff, making it ideal to harness the wind.

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